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structure steel pipe and other pipe

structure steel pipe and other pipe   structure steel pipe and other pipe   structure steel pipe and other pipe

Bebon main product includes: structure pipe, hydraulic prop, oil cracking pipe, high pressure chemical fertilizer, the automotive axle tube, cylinder sleeve, cylinder tube, axle tube, geological drilling pipe and pipe for ship, etc. Because the product has good inside and outside surface quality, chemical composition range is small, high purity of steel, etc. The wide praise users.
Main pipe grade:A53-B,A106-B,ST42-2,st35,st45,st52,C35,C45,27SiMn,20CrMo4、30CrMo4,S235G2T.

ODmm(in) thickness(mm)
STRUCTURE PIPE 48-1200 5.1-50







Machine parts,
Pipe fittings,
Layer truss etc.
Hydraulic prop tube 48-457 6-65 st35,st45,st52,C35,C45,27SiMn,20CrMo4、30CrMo4,S235G2T,S255GT,S355GT Machine manufacturing and mining machinery, etc
Petroleum cracking tube 48-457 6.0-28 A53-B,A106-B,ST42-2,ST45-8,ST52.4,13CrMo44,A-387Cr B,A213-T5,A213-T9,20#、16Mn,12CrMo,15CrMo、T5、T9 Oil refineries cracking furnace
High-voltage fertilizers 32-457 4.5-40 A53-B,A106-B,ST42-2,ST45-8,ST52.4,13CrMo44,20#,16Mn,12CrMo,15CrMo High pressure chemical fertilizer equipment and pipeline
Automotive axle tube 76-121 10-35 Carbon and low alloy pipes Manufacturing automobile axle shaft and drive axle bridge shell
Cylinder sleeve pipe 114-170 7.0-26 42MnCr52 Used for jacket
AXLE PIPE 127-178 6.0-25 SM-735 Structure pipe for axle
Cylinder sleeve 48-700 6-35 Carbon and low alloy pipes Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder processing
DRILL PIPE 48-168 4.0-10  Dz40-Dz65 Drill pipe
VESSEL PIPE 114-273 5.0-18 360、410、460
Boiler pipe 、superheater and pipeline for vessel


Structural pipe:
The standard of GB/T8162,ASTM, JIS and EUR standard.For general structure, mechanical structure with seamless steel tube.
Hydraulic prop tube:
Hydraulic prop tube is mainly used in production of coal mine adopts hydraulic equipment, crane with hydraulic cylinder, piston, etc., the great demand of hydraulic prop with seamless tube.User with the requirements of hydraulic prop tube has the very good use safety, reliability. Bebon steel tube company produces the hydraulic prop pipe has a small chemical composition range, low content of harmful elements, high purity,with good inside and outside surface quality, geometry size of high precision, stable performance.To satisfy users of hydraulic prop tube use safety and reliability requirements.
Petroleum cracking tube:
Implement GB9948 and ASME SA - 213 standard, used in oil, refinery furnace pipe, heat exchanger tube and pipe seamless steel pipe.
High-voltage fertilizers:
Implement GB6479 standards and ASTM, JIS,EUR standard.Used for high pressure chemical fertilizer equipment and seamless steel pipe used in pipeline.
Automotive axle tube:
The standard of YB/T5035.Used in the manufacture of automotive axle tube and shell shaft drive axle bridge works of high quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel hot-rolled seamless steel tube.
Cylinder sleeve pipe:
Used for cylinder jacket.
Cylinder sleeve:
Used in hydraulic pneumatic cylinder processing.
Axle tube:
Bridge box with a structure tube .
Geological drill pipe:
The standard of YB/T5052, used in geological drilling.
The standard of GB/T5312, used for Marine boiler, superheater and compression force system pipe manufacturing.